Portions of emails received yesterday re girl

From a brilliant Afrikaans poet:

I cannot remember the last time I read a book that actually stirred so much emotion in me…  You are handling an extremely difficult subject with as much grace as possible… not once did I feel that the sex scenes were inserted for the sake of selling books or to sensationalize or even cheapen the literary worth of a well written work.  I truly commend you. I think your book is absolutely fantastic… I prefer ‘heavier’ reading without having to struggle through excessive wording and lengthy worthless description and your book is just that… its subject matter is ‘heavy’ and sensitive, but the book reads easily, the work flows well and not once did I skip a page to avoid having to read through worthless descriptions of someone’s wardrobe or scenery.  Your book will be one that I’ll probably re-read at some point.

From an exceptional photographer:

I recently read your latest and really enjoyed it.  Quite a story, and I liked it more than any of your others.  It hits the ground running and never stops.  The Jewish references got me interested right away, and remind me of a favorite author of mine, Faye Kellerman.

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